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It’s P.L.A.Y. time! by Sarah Sypniewski

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how many different stores we visit, we end up with the same selection.  Unique inventory is hard to come by, even among the boutiques.  That’s why, when we saw dog beds made by newcomer SF-based P.L.A.Y., we had to take the time to write to founder William Chen to give him four paws up for his rockin’ modern design that we hadn’t seen anywhere else.  We totally scored when William wrote back to say he’d let our pack (3 chi mixes and a Pittie) test some of his stuff—4 of the Cotton Candy small dog beds and 1 of their best-selling Urban Denim large dog beds.

Can I just say we all love them?

We use them inside—in fact, I have the yellow Cotton Candy bed on my lap as I type.  Our 10-year-old Kali loves to lie on it while I work…and the Urban Denim is less than a foot from my chair, complete with nesting blankets, in position for 65-pound Delilah, although at the moment, 6-pound Piko has claimed it.


Delilah the Pit Bull loves Urban Denim

Delilah enjoying a rare Chi-free nap on Urban Denim

We use them outside—we’ve got the blue Cotton Candy on our front porch for when Sammy wants to sun or Kali wants to sit on our Adirondack chairs (if the bed isn’t on the chair, she will refuse)…and when the dogs get too yappy in the front, we’ll move them to the backyard.

Piko and Delilah share some Cotton Candy

Piko and Delilah sharing Cotton Candy in the backyard

We steal them to use as our own pillows when we’re watching TV.

We offer them to our guests to sit on during game night—they love them too.

They have stood up to digging, to sliding, to mud, water, and slobber (and dog drool, too).  They haven’t faded in the sun or lost their shape from when I fold them up behind my head.   Also, for this review, I threw one of the Cotton Candy beds in the washer and dryer, even though it didn’t need it.  It came out of the dryer a little “fluffy,” as though the filling got all crazy with the heat.  I’m sitting on it now, though, and it’s going back to its original dimensions.

We can safely proclaim that these offer both beauty and brawn.  Phew!  Nothing’s worse than a hot guy who can’t bench press his own house (what?  What does that even mean?  I think I might be watching too much Jersey Shore).

Snooki and the Juiceheads aside, these beds are the shizz.  They are hot, they are strong, and they are better than tan; they’re green—yep, check out how many recycled plastic bottles go into each bed.

Sammy shows off the Green

Sammy loves the cleverness of how Green the green is

William and his team (including Momo the Pug) are experts in manufacturing, design, and doggies.   They’ve ditched the shortcuts in favor of creating a product that shows off intense attention to seemingly small stuff, like seams, stitching, and thick zippers.   But as our pack can attest to, it’s these little things that add up to big payoff.


The greatest seams on Earth

See how all the seams line up? That little details sets P.L.A.Y apart.

They might be a little pricier than your average bed, but still the deal of the century, as you’ll be hard pressed to find another one that can even come close to competing with P.L.A.Y’s line.  As luck would have it, though, they are running a contest for a FREE bed, so get on in there and git you one!  Now, if only they’d hurry up with the Chicago skyline design

Kali waits for the lap...and Chicago

Kali waiting for my lap...and the Chicago skyline

For more photos of our great adventures with our P.L.A.Y. beds, visit our Facebook page!