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It’s snowing! by Kim
January 6, 2010, 9:32 pm
Filed under: Golden Retriever, snow, Wisconsin

While traveling for the holidays I squeezed in a few photo sessions for friends of ours, and this one happened to be my very first experience shooting in the snow!  And honestly, I must say it is A LOT harder – especially taking into account the fact that we really had no snow gear with us and ended up borrowing snow-suits that were about 10 sizes too big.  It was a ridiculous sight as I fumbled around with a camera stuck in a mcgyver-style-plastic-bag-contraption fashioned to protect my camera from the elements (which were heavily coming down).  The three golden retrievers in this shoot are our friend Tracie’s dogs, and they just so happened to be the most obedient dogs on earth.  I think they may be modeling on the side without Tracie’s knowledge.  We first spent some time shooting indoors and when we finally mustered up the courage to venture out into the Wisconsin snow the dogs were more than ready to run and play.  They actually seemed at home out there in the snow with their long wintery coats…every once in a while one of them would just plop down with a big goofy smile on his face as if he were soaking up each and every snowflake like my chihuahuas back in california soak up the rays. Hanging out with these three really was a treat! Without further ado meet Hercules, Riley, and Jesse!